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West Coast Swing Intensive Beginner - Borås

08:e Feb 2020

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Do you want to learn a partner dance that can be danced to a wide variety of music, everything from pop, blues, RnB, hip-hop to jazz and more? Then West Coast Swing is the perfect dance for you! A relatively new dance here in Sweden, which is becoming more and more popular. The dance has a rich history in the US, especially in California, where it is the official state dance. West Coast Swing is a modern swing dance with soft movements and a relaxed feeling, it’s fun and playful and musical and leaves a lot of room for improvisation, especially for followers.

This intensive course will give you a head start into dancing West Coast Swing. We will go through the basics of the dance so that you have a good basis for starting social dancing and attending further courses.

This course is a good foundation if you want to attend a beginner’s class later on.

We finish the day with one hour of practice followed by four hours of social dance. We will play music so you can test out your new skills and you’re welcome to ask questions if you need help with anything.

The course will be held in English.


To receive your discount you will have to show your student union card (mecenatkort) at the door. It must have the Student Union of Borås logo on the card. When signing up, click the “Add a discount code” button and fill in “SiBsingle” for a single pass and “SiBpar” for a couple’s pass.

Included in the price are 4 hours of classes and 1 hour of practice time and free entrance to the social dance.


Code of Conduct

At the event, West Coast Nights code of contact applies.


Yxhammarsgatan 9, 50331 Borås

Buss och tåg

Göteborg: 100-bussen går en gång i halvtimmen från både centralstationen och Korsvägen mot Borås. Om du tar den är det bara 5 minuters promenad sedan från Borås Resecentrum till the Kårner på Yxhammarsgatan.

Jönköping: Om du vill resa kollektivt från Jönköping så finns det billiga bussresor med Flexibuss. De har även en förbindelse tillbaka till Jönköping efter socialdansen är slut på kvällen. Se bara till att boka biljetter i tid.


The Kårner hittar du mitt i centrala Borås på Yxhammarsgatan. Närmaste parkering har du vid Högskolan i Borås eller i parkeringsplats Elektra.

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